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About Cisco DevNet Associate Certification

Obtaining the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is proof that you have sufficient competence in designing and running apps created in the Cisco environment. Those who end up with this certificate have met the passing score in the 200-901 DEVASC exam, which focuses on software development basics.

This associate-level certification is intended for those developers and network engineers who want to extend their expertise by adding software and automation skills. To ace the corresponding exam and get the certificate, the candidates require at least 1-year experience developing and maintaining applications designed on the Cisco platforms. Also, it is recommended for the students to be familiar with the Python programming language.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification and Cisco 200-901 Exam

The Cisco 200-901 exam is designed to evaluate one’s knowledge and skills in software development and design, application deployment and security, understanding and use of APIs, automation, and infrastructure on the Cisco platforms. This certification test has the duration of 120 minutes and can be taken in the English and Japanese languages. Unfortunately, Cisco doesn’t reveal the exact number of questions and their formats. So, it is paramount important to master the exam topics before sitting for the test to be able to answer all the questions. You can schedule your 200-901 DEVASC on the Pearson VUE platform. You will be required to create an account, pay the fee of $300, and then choose the suitable method of the exam delivery: an online proctored option or an onsite session at one of the testing centers that are located worldwide.

The 200-901 certification exam covers six domains, which are:

Software Development and Design (15%)

This topic measures the candidates’ ability to perform specific technical tasks. These are as follows:

  • Differentiate various data formats, including JSON, YAML, and XML
  • Explain general data format parsing to the data structures of Python
  • Describe test-driven development concepts
  • Differentiate software development methods such as Agile, Waterfall, and Lean
  • Explain the advantages of converting code into models, methods/functions, and classes
  • Define the advantages of standard design patterns
  • Explain the advantages of version control
  • Use standard version control operations

Understanding and utilizing APIs (20%)

This objective focuses on specific skills in AIPs and REST. To improve the chance of success in the test, the individuals must develop their competency in:

  • Designing REST API requests to carry out specific API documentation task
  • Explaining standard usage patterns associated with webhooks
  • Identifying constraints related to consuming APIs
  • Describing standard HTTP response codes related to REST APIs
  • Troubleshooting given concerns associated with HTTP response code and API request and documentation
  • Identifying HTTP response parts
  • Using basic API authentication tools
  • Comparing general API styles, such as synchronous, asynchronous, REST, RPC
  • Constructing Python scripts associated with REST API

Cisco Platforms and Development (15%)

In the framework of this domain, the candidates for the Cisco 200-901 exam must have the capacity to carry out the following technical tasks:

  • Write a Python script with the help of Cisco SDK given the SDK documentation
  • Explain Cisco network management platforms and APIs capabilities
  • Explain Cisco compute management platforms and APIs capabilities
  • Explain Cisco collaboration platforms and APIs capabilities
  • Explain Cisco security platforms and APIs capabilities
  • Explain dive level APIs and dynamic interfaces for IOS XE as well as NX-OS
  • Identify relevant DevNet resource for the specific scenario
  • Apply model-driven programmability concepts

Application Deployment and Security (15%)

Within this subject area, the learners need to demonstrate that they have the following skills:

  • Explain the advantages of edge computing
  • Identify the features of various application deployment models
  • Identify the features of specific types of application deployment
  • Explain the elements of CI/CD pipeline within application deployments
  • Construct the unit test for Python
  • Interpret Dockerfile contents
  • Use Docker images within the local developer environment
  • Identify issues with application security as they relate to secret protection, encryption, data handling
  • Describe how DNS, firewall, reverse, load balancers, proxy within application deployment
  • Explain main OWASP threats
  • Use Bash commands
  • Identify DevOps practices and principles

Infrastructure and Automation (20%)

This topic covers a range of areas designed to evaluate the students’ skills in infrastructure and automation. Their ability to carry out the following tasks will be evaluated:

  • Explain model-driven programmability impact on infrastructure automation
  • Differentiate device-level and controller-level management
  • Explain the roles and use of network simulation as well as test tools
  • Explain certain benefits and elements of CI/CD pipeline within infrastructure automation
  • Explain the principle of infrastructure in the role of code
  • Explain automation tools capabilities
  • Identify workflow automated by Python scripts using Cisco APIs
  • Identify workflow automated with the help of Ansible playbook
  • Identify workflow automated with the help of a bash script
  • Interpret RESTCONF / NETCONF query results
  • Interpret fundamental YANG models as well as unified diff
  • Explain the principles of the code reviewing and its benefits
  • Interpret the sequence diagram involving API calls

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification and Career Bonuses

Obtaining the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is highly beneficial for career development and increasing earning potential. Depending on the level of experience and the recruiting organization, any certificate holder can earn an average of $65,000. With the growing demand for the networking professionals, there are many opportunities that the candidates can explore. As an entry-level specialist, you can take up the following job roles: a Junior Developer, a Junior Application Developer, a Development Engineer, and a Software Engineer.

However, if you have some level of experience before earning your associate-level certification, you can take up some mid-level to senior-level positions as well. Some titles that the experienced professionals can apply for include a Network Engineer, a Senior Network Engineer, a Network Administrator, an Information Technology Manager, an Information Technology Director, a System Administrator, a System Engineer, and others.


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